dry fruits rum soaked christmas cake
dry fruits rum soaked christmas cake

Dry Fruits Rum Soaked Christmas Cake

By Rajiv Jindal  , ,

December 19, 2016

Dry Fruits Rum Soaked Christmas Cake is the flavour of the season. December is the month of the festivities and nothing better than a Dry Fruit Rum Soaked Christmas Cake to celebrate the festive season. The festive season actually starts with the soaking of the dry fruits in rum. I soaked my dry fruits in Black Rum in the month of November giving the dry fruits about a month’s time to fully absorb all the goodness of the rum. As a college student in Kolkata, I remember eating the Christmas cake  and since then, have always been fascinated by it. I have been baking a Christmas cake for many years now, and am now sharing it here. This is traditional Christmas cake where the dry fruits are soaked in rum and then cooked in orange and lemon juice to give an amazing aroma and taste.

Given below is the process of making the Dry Fruits Soaked in Rum Christmas Cake


Dry Fruits to be soaked in the Black Rum :

Black Rum to soak the dry fruits about 300 ml. (or brandy / whisky )

Walnuts 100 gms

Pistachios 100 gms

Raisins 100 gms

Sultans 100 gms

Figs 100 gms

Cranberries 100 gms

Cashew nuts 100 gms

Almonds 100 gms

Cinnamon stick about an inch in size

Ingredients for the Dry Fruits Rum Soaked Christmas Cake

Flour 225 gms

Fresh Orange juice from 1 medium sized orange

Fresh Lemon juice from 1 lemon

Unsalted Butter 250 gms

Eggs 4

Brown Sugar 150 gms

Jaggery 50 gms

Baking Powder ½ tsps

Black Pepper ½ tsp

Cloves Powder from 2 – 3 cloves

Cinnamom Powder ½ tsp

Vanilla 1 tsp


1Process for the soaking : I soaked my dry fruits in black rum on the 20th of November giving the dry fruits enough time to soak up the rum.  Cut all the dry fruits into big pieces and put in an air tight container along with the cinnamon stick and cover with the black rum so as to fully cover the top of the dry fruits.

2Stir the dry fruits daily so that they are well soaked. The levels of the rum will decrease as the dry fruits soak up the rum slowly. Keep adding some more rum as and when required. Make sure to keep the container in a cool dry place.

Process to make the Dry Fruits Rum Soaked Christmas Cake

1Pre heat the oven to 170 C

2Take a big frying pan on medium heat add the butter, orange juice, lemon juice, brown sugar, jaggery along with the spices. Add the dry fruits soaked in rum along with the rum. Boil for about 5 to 10 minutes stirring continuously till the syrup thickens somewhat.

3Let the mix cool.

4In a big bowl, mix the eggs, flour, baking powder and the now cooled rum and dry fruits mix. Mix well.

5Pour in the cake batter into two deep cake baking tray.

6Bake the cake for about an hour. The duration may vary somewhat depending on the oven. Check with the help of a knife to see if the cake is done or not.

7Once the cake is baked, add some spoons of the black rum on the cake and let it cool on a cooling stand.

8Out of the 2 cakes, I kept one for immediate consumption, and the second one for maturing with black rum over the week.

Do try out the simple recipe for the Dry Fruits Rum Soaked Christmas cake and do let me know how it turns out.

This is Cooking Simplified for you.

Merry Christmas to everyone.


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