Hi. I am Rajiv and am a big food enthusiast having a passion for eating my food differently. Though I am a Chartered Accountant by profession, I have been cooking my food since as long as I remember. Right from my days in college in Kolkata or while doing my CA to when I was abroad working with Ispat International, Cooking has always been an important part of my life. I have had unlimited food cravings at all times and hence have thought about food more often than not. I have got the maximum satisfaction trying to make my food in my own way without trying to copy anyone, trying to visualise different types of food and then trying to make it in my own way with whatever ingredients I had in my kitchen. When I was a young kid, many exotic ingredients were not available in the markets and hence tried to cook with whatever was available to get the taste that I wanted. This perhaps gave me the biggest satisfaction.


In addition to being a Chartered Accountant and my love for food, I also love travelling to different places. Driving my car and Bike at speed gives me immense pleasure. I have participated in various Car Rallies with my friends winning some. Adventure sports gives me a rush of blood. A Calypso was written on my love for fast driving in the Trinidad – West Indies, which went as – The Speed Man From India. I have participated in many food eating challenges around the world, and have won quite a few.


West Indies - 1992


I have been fortunate to have travelled a lot, Both in India as well as Abroad, tasting food of different places, meeting people from different countries and getting to learn about their food. Meeting the Chef’s, being able to see their kitchen, talking to them about their food and their experiences have always inspired me.


Car Rally 2015


I am not a technical person when it comes t food but all my cooking is with two special ingredients –  The Love For Food and Cooking From The Heart. What started as a small dream to work in the kitchen has fuelled my desire to eat my food differently to satisfy my taste buds all the time.


Friends have often asked me the recipes of the food that i have cooked and thus I decided to write them down on my blog here. What you will find on my blog are simple food recipes that can be made easily at home at all times and am sure will be loved by all the people trying them out. These are simple food with simple ingredients. In other words it is Cooking Simplified.


I have always believed that people should know what they want in their food and then the cooking process becomes very simple. I like to keep my food very simple and hence the name Cooking Simplified.


 I am thankful to all my family and friends, for always being there to taste whatever I cooked, motivating me all the time and their appreciation that gave me the inspiration to keep on my passion for food.


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