Table For 18 By Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari

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23rd January 2017. The morning newspapers screamed – Pop Up Event, Table For 18 By Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari set to Rock the City of Nagpur.  People of Nagpur, not sure what exactly to expect, started talking about the event with hope and excitement. Food lovers from the city were sensing something big and exciting coming to their city. I was invited to the Inaugural Pop Up – Table For 18 by Chef Malvika and was eagerly looking forward to it. The concept sounded very interesting and was sure the Nagpurians would love it too. Food along with the City OF Nagpur have given a lot to me by way of love and support and when something happens for the betterment of the Food scene in Nagpur, feels great.

My Food Journey to Table For 18 By Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari

The thought behind the concept – Table for 18.

Aptly named, Table For 18, 18 people will be served delicious food at a time at a pop up event.  After the Inaugural Pop-Up on the 23rd January 2017, the people of Nagpur can be a part of the event, which will be once a month to start off with. Class food will be served at the Table For 18, and would vary from event to event. This sounds real fun. What more could a food lover like me ask for.


23rd January 2017. @7.30 pm

Venue : Table For 18  By Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari

The Inaugural Table for 18 was a grand affair with invitation to 18 guest (including me). A full 7 course meal was served. The menu was as follows :


Amuse Bouche – Potato Nest With A Masala Curd Sphere, Candied Pudina and Pomegranate

Amuse Bouche is a trailer of the things to follow and the food served set up the tempo for the evening. Crisp potato nest with creamy curd topped with pudina(mint) and pomegranate. A perfect one bit dish, highlighting the talent of the Chef. I could not have asked for a better start.

Table For 18 - Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari


Chatlad – Salad Meets Fried Dhokla, Jaljeera Jelly, Masala Pine nuts and Tamarind Glazed Cherry Tomatoes.

Fresh crisp greens with bell peppers and tamarind glazed cherry tomatoes topped with crunchy pine nuts and fried dhokla. Served with fresh breads. Mild flavours of tamarind with the crunch was enough to get the attention of everyone.

Table For 18 - Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari


Mushroom Consomme – Mushroom Consomme Served With A Cheese Biscuit and Pan Fried Mushrooms

As the name suggests, warm mushroom Soup served with fresh cheese biscuits topped with pan fried mushrooms.  Tasted amazing and I could not help but love the way the evening was progressing.  Subtle taste and a clear winner.

Table For 18 - Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari


Roasted To Perfection Steak – Roasted Chicken Thigh Served With A Double Potato Mash, Roasted Root Vegetables And Red Wine Jus

.The main course was the  star of the day. Perfectly roasted chicken thighs. All the juices sealed inside chicken thighs roasted and glazed. Mild flavours.  Juicy and succulent.  I  love digging my teeth into a chicken steak and could not have asked for anything better than this. Served with potato mash and roasted vegetables topped with red wine reduction. I have become a big fan this steak served by Chef Malvika.

Table For 18 - Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari


Biryani From The Ocean / Dolma Biryani – Dolma Biryani Served With Coconut Salan and Pickled Vegetables

I had requested for a vegetarian Dolma and that is what I got. The biryani was all flavours and the aroma could not be missed. Served with coconut salan and pickled vegetables.

Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari


Smoked Forest – Chef Malvika’s Take On Black Forest Cake With Smoked Chocolate, Ice Cream, Rum And Cherry Compote And Vanilla Crisp

Another winner. Black forest cake served with smoked chocolate and cherries cured with rum. I love the cherry compote which gives an excellent flavour and with the smoked chocolate it was pure bliss.

Table For 18 - Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari


Paan Khaas – Refreshing Beetle Leaf And Fennel Sorbet

A befitting end to the lovely evening.  An Indian meal is incomplete without the beetle leaf (paan). A sorbet with a mix of beetle leaf and fennel  (saunf) mixed with the crackling magic pops. An amazing way to digest all the delicious food that I had eaten.

Table For 18 - Chef Malvika Dharmadhikari


Amazing food served in style. Great choice of the menu to be served. Full marks on the presentation. A look at the food and you fall in love with it.  I could not have asked for a better evening.  Good work Chef Malvika. Keep up the good work.

Looking forward to many more Table For 18.

Nagpur. This is what we have been waiting for. Go for it.

Do keep following my Food Journey.

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